There's been talk off and on for years in regard to a new Buck Rogers movie — most recently talk of a new movie with Paul W.S. Anderson at the helm. I don't know if it will happen or not, I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

So for a bit of fun, I ask: who would YOU like to see as the new Buck Rogers? I've thought of a few actors to choose from who might look OK running around the 25th Century — I've added Nathan Fillion as he's been suggested by a few people. But is he a tad too old? No offence to the lovely Mr Fillion (I think I could be in trouble now folks). Oh, I've put the option of 'Other' if you have someone else in mind. If you do have someone else in mind then please let me know who (see below). Poll started 13th June 2013.

Dean Cain (The New Adventures of Superman). Suggested by Melody Raymond.
Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas). Suggested by Simon Egan.

How the War Witch Took Flight 6th March '14

More nostalgia. Turning back the clock to August 1980 with an article from Starlog regarding the first season episode The Flight of the War Witch (last episode of the season). In Starlog's part one of looking "Behind the Scenes on Buck Rogers", it's all about the production — the concept meeting which was held to discuss, amongst other things, the special effects on Flight of the War Witch (no use of CGI back then folks). It's a race against time to prepare a feature length episode in just six weeks.

Poster Designs 9th January '14

Thanks to Simon Egan for his poster designs, which are based on the "Who would You like to see as the new Buck Rogers"? Poll (see above). The posters are of how each of the actors suggested in the Poll might look in his version of Buck Rogers. In Simon's version of the story the evil force trying to conquer Earth is Tigerman, and Wilma and Twiki are one character — a cyborg/android half human robot female. Simon's choice of actor for 'other' is Josh Duhamel.

Garrett Hedlund Taylor Kitsch Ryan Reynolds Channing Tatum
Garrett Hedlund Taylor Kitsch Ryan Reynolds Channing Tatum
Bradley Cooper Sam Worthington Nathan Fillion Josh Duhamel
Bradley Cooper Sam Worthington Nathan Fillion Josh Duhamel

News: Buck Rogers Comic #4 7th January '14

Buck Rogers #4 coverIssue #4 of the four part Buck Rogers comic series by Howard Chaykin is released tomorrow (8th January).

Also added a bit of info to the Hermes Press Page in regard to the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Murphy Anderson Dailies hardcover collection, which is to be released in May and the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Murphy Anderson Sundays hardcover collection, which is 'coming soon'.

News: Free Comic Book Day 2014 3rd January '14

FCBD 2014 Issue CoverHappy New Year folks!

Right then, the first update to the fansite for 2014 is actually a bit of news; like last year Hermes Press are releasing a Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Free Comic Book Day Special. It's a re-print of one complete Sunday story entitled Prophet of the Fire Demon (original date of the story: 5th March to 21st May 1933), and like last years FCBD issue it has been digitally reconstructed.

Free Comic Book Day is on 3rd May 2014.

'Tis The Season to be Jolly! 19th December '13

Just to say thank you for taking the time to visit the fansite, it's very much appreciated — hope you'll drop by again in 2014! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

News: Buck Rogers Comic #3 27th November '13

Buck Rogers #3 coverIssue #3 of the four part Buck Rogers comic series by Howard Chaykin is released today.


News: Season One Soundtrack 15th October '13

Soundtrack CoverThe soundtrack from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Season One (1979-80) has been released on CD by Intrada ( It's a 3-CD set which features music by Glen A. Larson, Johnny Harris, Stu Phillips, Les Baxter and Richard La Salle.

(I found out about the release via the buckrogersfans Yahoo! Group. Thanks to Scott Kilbourne for sharing the info').

The soundtrack can also be found at

TV Series Press Photo 14th October '13

Gil Gerard and Frank Gorshin press photoAdded another press photo to the fansite from my collection. It's a season one photo from the episode entitled The Plot to Kill a City (which had the working title of Death Squad 2500). The two-part episode originally aired on 11th and 18th October 1979.

Pictured with Gil Gerard is Frank Gorshin who played Kellogg the leader of the Legion of Death who planned to obliterate New Chicago.

News: Buck Rogers Comic #2 10th September '13

Buck Rogers issue 2Issue #2 of the four part Buck Rogers comic series — with art and stories by Howard Chaykin — will be released on 25th September.

Update 5th October: Release dates are subject to change and well, it did. The release date is now 9th October.

Hermes Press Page 17th August 2013

I've added a Hermes Press page to the Fansite; it has information on the Buck Rogers reprints and issue #1 of the four part Buck Rogers comic book series from Howard Chaykin.

News: Newspaper Dailies Volume 8 16th August '13
Newspaper Dailies Volume 8

The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Complete Newspaper Dailies: Volume Eight is available September 2013 (but please check stores in case of a change). Included in this volume are comic strips from 1940 to 1941. The three complete adventures featured are: Forgotten Earth Colony, Thrown Back 500 Years and Goddess of Stygia.

News: Michael Ansara (1922-2013) 3rd August '13

Actor Michael Ansara passed away at his home in Calabasas, California on 31st July aged 91. Michael appeared in many films and TV shows during his long career, but will be best known to Star Trek fans as Klingon Commander Kang and to Buck Rogers fans as Killer Kane in the first season of the TV series.

News: Gray Morrow Years Volume 1 8th July '13
Gray Morrow Years Volume 1

Another Buck Rogers hardcover collection from Hermes Press to look forward to — Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Gray Morrow Years Volume 1 (1979-1981). The release date is the 10th September 2013.

The New York Times Syndicate decided to revive the classic Buck Rogers newspaper feature and to give it a contemporary sci-fi treatment. It was unrelated to the Television show that was on air at the time. The artwork is by Gray Morrow and the scripts by Jim Lawrence.

News: Buck Rogers #1 Preview 5th June '13

Preview page 2Check out for a preview of the upcoming comic series from Hermes Press; stories and art by Howard Chaykin.

To the right is one of the preview pages; Buck Rogers in the 25th Century #1, Preview Page 2. More can be seen at

Vintage Autograph 19th May 2013
Dick Calkins Autograph

Many thanks to Jeanette Lasky for allowing me to share the above autographed sketch by Dick Calkins. Dick Calkins was the artist for the Buck Rogers comic strip from January, 1929 to November, 1947. It's one of many autographs in a bound autograph book, which were collected by Jeanette's sister-in-law's uncle — Jeanette's sister-in-law, Judy Lasky, inherited the autograph book.

What's Up Doc?! 8th March 2013

Tim O'Connor (Dr Huer)Added a vintage interview with Tim O'Connor (Dr Huer) from Starlog #38 dated September 1980. Tim was an avid Buck Rogers fan when he was a kid; so he was delighted to be offered the part of Dr. Huer in the 1979 Buck Rogers movie and then the TV series that followed.

Sadly he did not appear in the second season of Buck Rogers. I'd like to think that if the second season had carried on we may have seen the Doctor again. A nice thought.



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