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Comics (Gold Key and Whitman)
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Issue #9 cover Inside issue #9
Above is the cover and a page from issue #9, 1980

A comic book series based on the 1979 Buck Rogers was published by Gold Key Comics from 1979 to 1982 — they had previously published one Buck Rogers comic in 1964.

The first issue in 1979 was issue #2 as the numbering carried on from the 1964 issue. The first three of the five issues (#2-6) by Gold Key Comics were an adaption of the 1979 movie. Gold Key's licensee, Whitman Publishing continued the series with nine more issues (#7-16).

Although finishing on issue #16 there were 15 in total, as I believe issue #10 was never published and the number skipped over to issue #11.

The artists on the series were Frank Bolle, Al McWilliams and Jose Delbo. Gold Key issues were written by Paul S. Newman.

Giant Movie Edition

Issues #2-4 were re-printed in a Giant Movie Edition (1979), which was distributed by Marvel Comics.


Look-in Magazine (Comic Strip)

Look-in Issue #40 Look-in Issue #50
Above are the covers from issues #40 and #50

A comic strip adaption also appeared in the long running British magazine for children called Look-In. The Buck Rogers comic strip ran from 1980-82 (The magazine itself ran from 1971-94).

In each issue the comic strip was 2 pages long. They were written by Angus P. Allen and the various artists were Martin Asbury, Arthur Ranson and John M. Burns.

The stories were:    
The Praxonian Conquest 18.10.80 to 29.11.80 Issues #43 to #49
The Re-Integration Bombarder 6.12.80 to 17.1.81 Issues #50 to #4
Robot Revolution 24.1.81 to 7.3.81 Issues #5 to #11
The Evil Collector 14.3.81 to 2.5.81 Issues #12 to #19
Sweet Dreams? 9.5.81 to 13.6.81 Issues #20 to #25
Farnn the Invincible 20.6.81 to 1.8.81 Issues #26 to #32
The Oxygen Oceans of Anubis 8.8.81 to 5.9.81 Issues #33 to #37
Interplanetary Civil War 12.9.81 to 24.10.81 Issues #38 to #44
Stinnkex the Genie 31.10.81 to 21.11.81 Issues #45 to #48
Visitor From the Future 28.11.81 to 2.1.82 Issues #49 to #1



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